Sunday, October 14, 2012

Comparisons and Statistics

I've been collecting observations over the past 9 days about my return to the US.

First, a glimpse into how long 99 days really is:

  • When I left home, the high temperature for the day was a scorching 106° F, which was very hot even for an Indiana summer.  When I returned, the high temperature for the day was 67° F (which occurred at midnight) and then fell to about 39° F.
  • The interstate numbers have changed because a new section of I-69 has opened.
  • My grocery store moved across the street.
  • The Olympics started and finished.
  • A tree fell in my backyard.
  • The front of my house changed, as Laurel did some landscaping.
Some observances on differences between Europe and the US which I see now.  It's the little things, really.
  • Light switches are different.  Yes, the plugs are different, too, but the light switches are also different.
  • Difference from the UK: you don't have to turn on a plug with a tiny switch at the outlet.
  • Prices here are given without tax.  I got used to walking up to cash registers and paying what the sign said, not 7-8% more.
  • I walk so much less here.
  • There are no trains!  In general, public transportation is much more limited in Indiana.
  • I actually have to plan out my meals.  This is not only because I ate out more in Poland, but also because stopping by a store on my way home requires more work.
  • I can't think of anywhere in this city with a walk-up food-order window open regularly.  At least, not one that you wouldn't have to drive to first anyway.
Other notes:
  • I have been on 12 planes in the past 100 days, covering a very approximate 13,000 miles.
  • I have explored three countries and passed through a fourth.
  • I have seen buildings and artifacts that are centuries older than the US's entire existence.
  • My smartphone feels so powerful again.  I recognize that it's now a year out of date, but having used this for the past 90 days or so, it feels like a beast.

  • I'm pretty sure every single app on my phone needed an update.  Oh, and the O/S, too.
  • My key ring is so much heavier here.
  • I've added new Facebook friends, including two Belgians, two British guys, one Omani, one Australian, and several Poles.  Some of them have moved on from Poland, just like I have.  Laurel and I now have friends literally all over the world.
This will likely be my last post to this blog.  Thank you all for coming along with me on my journey.  It's been a wonderful experience and a summer to always remember!


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