Tuesday, October 2, 2012

UK Day 6 - Warwick to Brighton

Today started with picking up the rental car in a nearby town.  Quartney and I were headed out for Brighton and London, and considering the cost of rentals, train tickets, and Quartney's recently-acquired UK driver's license, it made more sense to rent a car rather than use trains.  I, of course, will not be driving.  Firstly, I don't know how to use a manual, and secondly, UK driving would be hazardous to my blood pressure, insurance rates, and ego.

The rental car is lime green with a racing stripe.  Quartney was excited about this.  Take a look and see if you can tell why...

The drive from Kenilworth to Brighton was surprisingly quick, especially when compared with the drive from Inverness to Kenilworth.  It was still three hours, but the time passed quickly.  Slowly but surely I'm getting more used to the cars being on the other side of the road and the right turns being the tricky ones.

Brighton is a lovely little beach town.  I got to have authentic, seaside fish and chips!  What better place to have it!  In the afternoon we went out to a local pier which was like an old-time arcade and amusement park.  Several parts of it were closed probably due to lack of tourists, but it was still very charming.  I haven't been in an arcade like that in years, and it was delightful to pass an hour or so with those games.  We also walked out to the end of the pier and got a few pictures.

The weather in Brighton is as British as everything else around here.  The wind today is something else.  It's the kind of wind that makes you walk at an angle, that bites your fingers, that pushes your jacket into your chest until you feel the zipper.  Add to that the spitting rain and you get the perfect idea of today's weather in Brighton, a poorly-named city (today).

Needless to say, the evening was relegated to indoor activities.  We decided on a movie theater, as they have specials on Tuesdays and don't have wind.  We saw Looper, which is a nice film if you don't mind a bit of blood 'n' guts.

Tomorrow is the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, and then on to London!


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