Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Did More Today

Today I ventured to the big, fresh market with Andy on his way to work this morning.  I am still not feeling all that well, but I navigated this football-field-sized expanse of food and clothing stalls ok. Polish made things difficult but was not a barrier. I was successfully able to buy a variety of fruit (which I'm sure will taste amazing), milk, and eggs.  Carrying purchases back, however, was tiring, even with the bus ride, and I've felt like sleeping for most of the day (which actually, I did get about two hours of napping in.)

I did keep a coffee date with Ewa (our friend's sister) this afternoon, though, and the ever entertaining main square piqued my interest enough for me to stay out a bit longer. In the square was a live broadcast or a filming of a Master Chef episode. I couldn't tell who won, the red team or the blue team, but they were furiously cooking as I watched. A host of children got to enjoy whatever the chefs had made when they were done. I'm not sure how the children were chosen, but they were a lucky bunch!  After they had eaten, the children lined up to pop a balloon from the giant bunches you can see floating above the square.  In the video, the kids are chanting something.  I think it might be the letters of the Polish TV network "TVN."


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