Friday, June 14, 2013

Into the Labyrinth

I have resolved to do more exploring in Kazimierz.  Although I ventured into the district almost weekly last summer, it was almost always to the same location where the language club meets. I was periodically escorted by friends to a nice restaurant there, but I rarely found one on my own.

Part of the problem is the streets.  The streets in Kazimierz aren't laid out in any kind of logical order whatsoever.  It is a labyrinth, with very few streets actually crossing all the way through.  I don't know who designed that section of town, but clearly Żubrówka was involved.  I need to do what I did with the old town - just set borders and repeatedly get lost wandering the streets until it makes sense in my head.

That being said, Laurel and I started out exploring by visiting a recommended restaurant, Hamsa, which specializes in hummus.  We will be going back.  One visit is simply not enough to fully experience their menu, even with three versions sampled.  We ate in a courtyard that was just inside the door.  I'm sure inside is also nice, but a band with questionable tuning ability (or murdering small dogs) was inside warming up.  Here's a picture of the outside courtyard where we ate.

I had planned on then continuing to the language club, but Laurel wasn't quite feeling up to it.  Almost a week of poor sleep has left her feeling less than 100%.  Hopefully that's all it is and once she's over her jet lag she'll be back to normal.  On the way back, though, we ventured through the Plac Nowy and picked up an additional snack, along with some fresh fruit.

Fruit over here in Europe is simply better than what is found in the typical suburban Indiana grocery store.  It has flavor.  I'm not sure what law, regulation, or custom prohibits our version of fruit from being sold here, but the fruit we've had around here thus far is just as good as we'd get out of our own garden.  In exchange, it doesn't always look quite as perfect, and it's not quite as large as the ones in the US.  It's a good trade, though.


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