Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Day That Feels Like Summer!

It is so hard to believe it's our last night in the hotel!  I've gotten used to live piano music in the evenings, and doing my homework in the beautiful atrium lobby.  And the breakfasts!  Breakfasts here are truly amazing: there is such a variety of hot and cold foods so as to accommodate just about any European or American.  Breads, cured or smoked meat--lox is always delightful!--yogurts, cheeses, the freshest fruits and vegetables, not to mention the eggs, sausage, bacon, and made-to-order omelet station.  There are still lots of new things to try, which I will have more of tomorrow morning.  It surprised me on Wednesday morning when I bit into a nectarine and how much flavor it had!  I will have to take advantage of the great quality of all the produce here when I go to markets later.

I also got to have my first true Polish lunch.  Pork roast, potato-ish dumpling things (Silesian kluski), and pickled vegetable coleslaw-salads.  Yup, I'm in Poland.

Rynek Glowny was finally out in style tonight, after a couple evenings of dreariness.  It felt so good to see the Sukiennice and the Town Hall Tower reflecting the full sun, and to hear the hejnal up close again!  It was Danielle's last night here in Krakow, and we enjoyed sandwiches with her on the Sukiennice terrace.

Note from Andy: the Sukiennice terrace seems to be a popular place for goodbyes.  You may remember a similar picture from earlier when I was the one leaving.


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