Friday, July 19, 2013

Everyone Wants to Exercise at 5:15 AM, Right?

Andy and I have had some troubles sleeping in this week.  And by "sleeping in," I mean past 5:30.  Starting Tuesday morning, we've been awakened every day by an intermittent, steady thumping around 5:15.  It has periods where it's quieter or louder, faster or slower, but it sounds like it is directly above our bedroom and goes on for over an hour.  At first, we had several hypotheses about what the noise could be.  Was someone playing drums?  Jumping rope?  Running on a treadmill?  By our best estimation, we determined someone was doing some sort of choreographed exercise, either step aerobics or an exercise video.  The frustrating thing was we could not figure out the exact apartment it was coming from upstairs.  The walls are thick here, but the floors are not, apparently.

I have to applaud this neighbor's motivation (and their cardio endurance), but by the third morning this had happened, Andy was about to light into someone.  On Wednesday, I had called our apartment managers to let them know about the problem, but their first attempt at a solution was not very assertive. This morning, they got a call at 5:20 AM requesting they come over immediately to resolve the noise.  At least our apartment managers are responsive.  Eventually, the apartment owner himself came over and determined which apartment the thumping was coming from.  He said he was meeting with the other building's apartment owners today and would explain the problem and work toward a cooperative solution.  He's planning to get back to us sometime tomorrow.

I really hope this does NOT continue next week, and goodness forbid, tomorrow, for our sake and for the neighbor's.  Andy will give whoever it is a piece of his mind if it happens again.  Here's hoping for a good night's sleep later tonight!


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