Monday, July 29, 2013

History and Art, Part 2

Publishing an update here. I finished my grand tour of the National Museum main branch on Friday, and I saw the remaining two exhibits: the gallery of 20th century Polish art, and the gallery of decorative art.  There is nothing that warrants long explanations from my second visit, as that would probably bore most readers, but I wanted to share some photos.  The gallery of 20th century art actually provided some interactive fun.

This piece of "art" involved a hall of mirrors.  Fun!
 Where's the real Puffer??

 This painting was neat because it showed a map of Poland at its height back at the end of the Middle Ages and named all of the Polish kings, starting from the 1100s or 1200s up through when Poland was divided during the 1800s.  That's a lot of history.

The gallery of decorative art once again marched through centuries of history, including medieval stained glass windows, enormous solid wood chests carved and inlaid with several types of wood, and dish- and serving ware in many different styles, from French-like to East Asian.  There were even some musical instruments.

This is a hurdy-gurdy.  I don't believe I'd ever seen one of these before.  Plus, it's just fun to say.  Hurdy gurdy, hurdy-gurdy!

 Puffer and I were tired after the trip through the museum.  Time for a restful weekend.


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