Thursday, September 6, 2012

And the week goes on

This week has taken a definite turn for autumn, although I hear it's only temporary.  Temperatures this morning were in the low 50s, and it's probably going to be a chilly run tomorrow morning.  The daylight is also shortening quite rapidly.  Sunrise is at 6:09 and sunset at 7:07 now, but I guess that's just a slight bit different than home's 7:17 rise and 8:00 set.  It just feels darker when I wake up, especially on cloudy days.  Maybe that's just me refusing to realize how long I've been here.

Very little of note has happened in the past few days.  I did learn today an interesting fact about Polish banking: they have no checks.  None.  Their banking system developed in the late 1980s without them, and then came online banking shortly thereafter.  Wages were paid in cash before direct deposit.  Transfers of money can be done with a Western Union-like service at the post office.  They're completely skipping the paper check phase of banking.  


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