Saturday, September 8, 2012

Polish Post Revisited

I write this to mark the long-awaited arrival of the box-o-stuff at home in Fort Wayne.  I went to pick up the box from Andy's Fort Wayne office yesterday and brought it home.  It had actually arrived at the office about 2 weeks earlier, but yesterday was the soonest I could be back in Fort Wayne during business hours to retrieve it.

There was some concern that the box was damaged, but when I saw it, I was relieved that it was confined to the tape coming loose on one top edge.  Thank goodness!  Here is the box safe and sound (finally!) at home:

Opening the box was like delving into a time capsule.  Things I have been separated from for weeks now suddenly came flooding back.  Here's the gift for Mom; and here's one for Jan and Rob; and one for friends--it was like opening a box of happy memories.  The best part was that NOTHING was broken beyond cursory damage.  All the important things were in one piece!  Praise God!  The homemade blueberry preserves (which my family helped indulge in today) are a great example of victory:

I am very tired after another busy day; life is going nonstop right now as I continue to manage full-time graduate studies and two residences.  Off to bed.


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