Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rainy Day

Today was a chill and rainy day in Kraków.  Sarah (see post about Zapokane) and I went to the Honey Harvest Festival, but the weather was putting quite a damper on the festivities.  It looked like a sad little collection of vendors, mostly selling the same goods - honey and beeswax candles.  My guess is that if the sun had been out, there would have been more people and activities around.  Instead, we got to explore more of the Kazimierz district and discover a reasonable substitute for Mexican food.  I still miss Chipotle.

I can hardly believe it's September already!  My mindset being what it is, it's kind of impossible for me not to count down the days remaining in Kraków. I have 25 remaining.  I'll be sad to leave this place, but also glad to get back to places where I speak and read the language, and where my friends and family are.

As I mentioned earlier, the posts are less frequent now because I'm doing less new-and-exciting stuff.  Today wasn't a good day for pictures with all the rain, either.  I think that tomorrow will be better, though.

I also wanted to be sure to relate a story which happened a few weeks ago but I never got around to writing down.  I was in the main square, walking along, when I noticed this older woman yelling at a young man.  The young man appeared to be Polish, as he was understanding the woman, but he was also heavy-set and dressed with loose pants and shirt.  I, of course, can understand none of the dialogue.  However, eventually the woman goes around to the back of this fellow, lifts his shirt up, grabs his pants, and yanks them up.  (My guess is the conversation had something to do with baggy pants and his underwear showing.)  You can imagine his reaction to this affront, and he said some words and stormed off.  All the while, of course, the woman is still yelling and waiving her hands at the air.  This situation was comedic enough without comprehension of the dialogue; I can't imagine the hilarity if I had actually understood the words.


Courtney (Quartny) Thornberry said...

There is a place within walking distance of my apartment here in Kenilworth that does decent Mexican food. Still not as good as home, but decent. We'll grab some when you visit. :)

Andy said...


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