Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kielbasa Man!

Today has been a slower-than-usual Saturday for me.  I haven't felt well for most of the day, so I've been taking it easy and not exploring as much.  It was mostly concentrated in the morning, so by afternoon I was feeling more up for adventures.

One of my coworkers recommended to me that I go in search of a mysterious kielbasa vendor working primarily out of a van.  The location wasn't very far from the apartment, so I was up for the challenge of finding it.  Sarah, my bilingual friend here in Krakow, was also up for the challenge and so we went in search of this kielbasa man in a van.  We found him!

Afterwards, I felt like relaxing on the Sukiennice terrace.  Sarah had never been there, and it's really a delightful cafe to just sit back and enjoy the bustle of the main square from above.  The views are simply amazing; it's very easy to get great night shots of the East side of the main square.  Also, now that there's a bit of a chill in the air, they have blankets out for patrons to enjoy, as demonstrated below.

These views are literally 5 minutes from my apartment, and the cafe is not pressured and not terribly expensive.  I will miss this when I return home.  It is hard to believe the time has gone so quickly.  Although I have more than two weeks remaining, it seems like the summer is running out of time very, very fast.


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