Monday, July 16, 2012

All Puffin's Eve

Unfortunately, today was kind of rainy, and rainy days just don't lend themselves well to me carrying around a camera.  Instead, I have to haul around the umbrella.  Rain is a curse to those of us that wear glasses.

This morning, I had a brief moment of panic at an ATM.  I use ATMs regularly because I'm working through an account with a good currency conversion rate and no ATM fees (they'll even refund any I incur).  However, this morning I decided to make a stop, and the machine got stuck at the "processing transaction" screen.  In the moments that ensued, I recognized how hard it would be to attempt to recover an ATM card from a US company, sending the thing abroad, all while needing to continue living.  Fortunately, after about 3-4 minutes, the machine simply gave an error and spit the card back out.  Still, kind of frightening.  I'm never going back to that ATM.

The other notable item that occurred today was a thundershower on my way home from work.  I had my umbrella, but this was the kind of downpour that will soak your pants from the shins down regardless of the umbrella.  However, the shower was just beginning as I was entering the Planty, and the sound was pretty neat.  The Planty has a lot of trees all around and stone walls on one side (where I was) and it was a really neat sound to hear as the rain came down.

I went to the English night of the language club tonight, and the weather required a jacket.  It is currently 54°F in Kraków, at 10:50 PM.

Other than that, today was work.  Laurel arrives tomorrow, so I'm mostly just looking forward to that.


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