Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spanish Evening!

Today was a fairly normal day at work, so I'm going to talk about what happened after work.  After work I went to the Language Exchange Group's Spanish night.  It actually took me way longer than expected in order to find the place where they meet.  The place they meet calls itself a "cafe", but "random kitchen" might be a more apt description.  Nevertheless, the people were friendly and my happy to remind me of just how much Spanish I've forgotten.

I snapped two photos on my way home from the Spanish club.  The first is looking south, and in it you can see the Barbikan, St. Florian's Gate, and St. Mary's Basilica.  I am blissfully ignorant of what the statue in the foreground is for.

The second photo is of the building in the middle of the main square.  I'm a little confused on what it's called (remember, I haven't taken any tours), but I believe it's the cloth hall.  The photo turned out better than I expected.  Go little camera!

That's all for today because I got back later than expected.  Weekend starts tomorrow!

Edit: A Polish friend told me the building in the main square (second picture above) is called Sukiennice.  Here's the Wikipedia page on it (in English).


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