Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to Kraków

Today we forced an early (well, earlier) wake-up time in order to make re-entry into the normal work-week schedule a little easier.  I don't care if Salamanca and Kraków have the same time on the clocks; they're in different time zones.

Laurel and I went to Carrefour today and I had my most successful excursion there.  I'm convinced that none of their employees speak English, but at least I'm figuring out more about how the store works.  For example, as I may have mentioned earlier, the customers weigh and print out a label for their fruit in the produce section rather than the cashier entering it at purchase.  I completely missed this nuance my first time through the store, and no one spoke enough English to explain it to me.  I figured out what was going on during my second visit and was able to complete it correctly this time around.  Small victories.

We did have some difficulty identifying stain removal products, but some English-speaking customers were able to help us out there.  Of course we tried asking an employee first, but she did not speak English.  Someone had spilled some detergent in the same aisle, and during our puzzlement at the stain remover, we got to meet the grocery-store-Zamboni-man.  This older gentleman (non-English-speaking, of course), rides around on what can only be described as a Zamboni for tile floors cleaning up whatever is in his way.  The detergent spill was, of course, his highest priority.  As such, he passed by Laurel and I no fewer than four times.  We then met him in several other locations throughout the rest of the store.  It was almost like we were being followed.  Maybe our shoes were dirty or something.  Regardless, I was glad that we had to go down a flight of stairs to leave the mall, as this meant he couldn't follow us outside.

Laurel and I figured out how to get to the cafe on the terrace of the Cloth Hall tonight, and we had wonderful smoothies there.  There had been a rainstorm earlier, and if you look closely in the photo below, you'll see a rainbow slightly right of center:

Later, we had a delicious, traditional Polish dinner.  At least, the food was traditional; the amount of food served at the hour we ate is distinctly American.  Nevertheless, it was very tasty, and Laurel and I will need to eat lighter tomorrow because of it.

Tomorrow I have to return to work, but Laurel gets to continue her adventures.


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