Thursday, July 19, 2012

She wins

Laurel's post definitely wins today.  I was at work and literally started laughing out loud when I saw Puffer with the pigeons.  That made my day.

Tonight Laurel and I went to the Spanish night at the language exchange club.  Although it reminds me of how much I've lost, it's good to have some legitimate practice at it.  We'll have more opportunity for practice this coming week when we go to Spain.

There will be two periods where this blog's title will be a misnomer.  The first is coming up, as Laurel and I will be journeying to Spain next week.  The original intent was to give Laurel more than just a few days in Krakow before departing for another country, but it didn't work out that way between her school and her passport.  Frustrating, yes, but the point is she's here now.


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