Thursday, July 12, 2012

Almost Friday

On the way in to work today, I met a man who approached me, speaking in English, about if he had the right train.  He did (it was also my train), and we began chatting.  He had been in Kraków for about a week, and I believe this marks the first time I've been able to give advice to someone about the city.  It is a trend that should increase.

For dinner tonight, I decided to go pick out random items from the grocery store instead of finding a restaurant.  The small store I've been going to is about 1/2 mile away from my apartment, and is conveniently located on my way home.  Although small, it has more than it might seem like at first.  To satisfy my curiosity, I looked to see if it had peanut butter; it did - 350ml (about 12 oz) for about $3 USD.  I knew it would be expensive.  I was just curious how different the prices would be.

The cooler temperatures have finally arrived.  After dinner I went out for my usual walk and almost regretted wearing shorts.  You heard me, it's July 12th and I could have worn pants!  The temperature outside is about  66°F, but there's a brisk wind and no sun.  Lots of other walkers were wearing long jeans or bundling up with jackets and small sweaters.  To those of you back home who haven't yet had a high temperature below 90°F in July, let's just say I can definitely sense I'm not in Indiana anymore!

I took some pictures today, but they didn't turn out incredibly well.  I'll post the best one of them below.  I was trying to get a shot of the clouds rolling in over a typical, narrow Krakow old-town street, but it turned out a little darker than I wanted.

Still, you can see the narrowness of the streets from the old town.  This is typical, and the sides are lined with small stores, cafes, restaurants, and small doorways to apartments you'd barely notice.  It's very different from the high-signage four-lane highways I'm used to driving around.  These also exist in Kraków, but not in my usual walks.


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