Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nothing Special

Today was the fourth of July, and it was just another day here in Poland.  Other than the complete lack of emails from my coworkers, it was no different than any other day.  I would periodically remember that all of my friends back home were relaxing, some for a five-day weekend, instead of being in an office.  However, I'll have my revenge on August 15th, when Poland has a church holiday and everyone else will be at work.

I did some more research on a cell phone, and it looks like that project may be on hold until the weekend.  It sounds like buying a used handset and a card to go in it is the best route, and then to do things via prepaid.  However, there aren't many (any?) places that sell used handsets within the city center.  The nearest one is about a mile south, so that may wait until the weekend.

I didn't take any pictures today, so I'll share with you one I took a few days ago.  This is St. Florian's gate, and it's at the north end of the old market area.  Although I'm rusty on my facts here, I believe it dates from the late 13th century.  Krakow was destroyed by an invasion of Tartars in 1241, and the walls were built in response.  Most of the walls are now gone, but some survive on the north end of the city.  I believe this is the only gate that survives, but again I could be wrong here.

Florianska street is also one of the most popular tourist streets.  Because it goes directly between the main square and St. Florian's gate (and other tourist sights), it has a whole host of shops along it.  It can be quite busy!

Today I also stopped by a small grocery store (I've all but given up on Carrefour) and got dinner for myself there. I also was able to navigate the language barrier with the cashier, so that was nice.  Also, I was able to have pirogi for dinner! At the apartment, I tried doing laundry, and I've learned that the main constraint to laundry load size is going to be drying rack space.  (I have no dryer, by the way.)  This will influence my schedule more than I would desire.

My days are falling into line now, which unfortunately may make for less interesting posts.  I'll do what I can, though.


Courtney (Quartny) Thornberry said...

I brought my Droid from home, after obtaining the unlock code from AT&T, bought a SIM card here in the UK and it all works like a charm. I am doing pay-as-you-go for unlimited data, 300 min and 3000 texts...and I only pay £15/month. (~$25). I'm not sure what they have in Poland though...

Andy said...

See, there's the advantage, though: you have AT&T. I have Sprint. My understanding is that CDMA is less popular over here, and GSM is the way to go. My wonderful Nexus S is still at home.

Justin Bilby said...

I'm going to take August 15th off just to spite you, haha. Just kidding!

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