Friday, July 6, 2012

One Week

My first week in Kraków has passed.  Let's review some important lessons so far:

  • Most useful phrase: "Czy mowi pan(i) po angielsku?" (Do you speak English?)
  • Drying clothes without a dryer takes much longer
  • Carrefour employees have about a 50% chance of speaking English
  • Trains are awesome
  • The Planty is most useful because it's well-neigh impossible to get lost in it
Today I discovered a wonderful dessert bar just south of Rynek which I intend on showing Laurel soon.  I also got a chance to try Polish pancakes.  Although similar in taste to US pancakes, they're a little thinner and don't come with syrup.  Instead, my batch came with a lot of chopped fruit and a few small helpings of whipped cream.

I also went out about 10PM to the main square to walk around and grab a snack.  There, I found a performance of some full-body metallic wolf puppets dancing to a piano player spinning around on a giant wolf-head piano.  No, really, you read that correctly and I'm totally sober.  I have a video of some of it here:

Rynek was radiant tonight.  I tried to capture a panorama shot of it, but panorama mode and night mode do not intersect.  Still, take a look at this, and ignore that it's a little fuzzy:

That's only about 110° of viewing angle.  I wanted more like 180°, as another small but beautifully-lit church was to my right..

There's also currently some happy (drunken?) yelling outside my window, which I can't really see what it's about.  However, I'm not too worried about this; the fan in my bedroom is good at drowning out irrelevant noises.


Laurel Blough said...

Wow! Kasia and JY weren't kidding about the variety of street performances. It's definitely interesting, albeit not what we're used to. So many strobe lights...

Andy said...

Those are actually sparklers. That's how I found them; I started smelling sparklers and went "wait a minute...".

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