Sunday, August 12, 2012


Dual post day!

Today, Laurel and I had a late lunch and thus weren't very hungry for dinner.  We decided it was a good time to visit the McDonald's on Florianska street.  If this sounds atypical of us, here are a few reasons we went there:

  • As previously mentioned, we weren't very hungry.  Thus, only minimal amounts of actual McDonald's food needed to be consumed.
  • Visiting a foreign McDonald's is an interesting experience.  In many ways they're the same as the American ones, and in others they're different.  For example, the McFlurries were served with Wedel chocolate pieces.  Also, they translated "chicken" into Polish in one part of the menu, but still left it as "McChicken" in another.
  • Laurel and I don't eat at McDonald's much, so it's a bit of an experience for us.  In fact, outside of a very brief stop in Madrid where we were desperate for wifi, we both can't remember the last time we went to one.  (In Madrid, we only ordered a smoothie, too.  The goal was wifi.)
  • The patrons of McDonald's are different, too.  We thought it was particularly interesting that in our immediate area there were four children (three under 10 years old) and there was not one squeal, scream, or tantrum during the entire meal.  If I couldn't have seen them, I probably wouldn't have known they were there.  It's been awhile, but this is not the character of the average American McDonald's, last I knew.
  • We had heard a rumor (thanks, JY!)  that their basement was cool.  Here's what it looks like:

Seriously, folks, this was the nicest McDonald's either of us can remember going to in...well...pretty much ever.  It was a cultural experience, I promise.

Also, I'd like to remind everyone of just how smart McDonald's is as a company.  As one of my coworkers said once (paraphrasing, and a tip of the hat to Greg), they run a printing press on potatoes.  This location had very thoughtful design.  There was artwork on the walls, mirrors to make the rooms look bigger, counters that could be used to put your stuff on or as additional seating if necessary, a courtyard with outdoor tables, and small trench of decorative stone separating patrons from the pointy stone rocks that line the walls.  Brilliant design, all of it.  Although I don't like McDonald's much, I have to respect their work.


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