Friday, August 17, 2012

The puffin has flown

Laurel got on a train for the airport this morning at 8AM, and she's just entered Canadian airspace right now.  Since today has been kind of sad and boring for me, I thought I'd write a post about yesterday instead (like I promised her I would).  You'll hear from her again, though: I've asked her to make a post or two about re-entry into US life.

Thursday was a largely practical day for Laurel, although she did get to go to the peirogi festival for lunch and view the Sukiennice's art museum.  She also successfully mailed a large box o' stuff home, which was a multi-day process to figure out how to do.  We'll figure out if she got it right when it arrives in the US.

In the evening, we went back to her favorite restaurant in Krakow, la Campana Trattoria.  (Don't be afraid of the link; there's English, too.)  We made reservations this time, so we actually got to sit directly in the courtyard.  There was a jazz group starting to play as we walked in (which they had warned us about), but we were seated pleasantly far away.  The music was audible, but not overwhelming.  Also, the band was kind enough to play several songs in English and Spanish, including That's Amore and Corazon Espinado.  We ate a wonderful Italian meal under the Polish sunset, and departed just after dark.

Laurel also wanted to visit Wedel's chocolate store one last time in order to get some more banana crepes, which I also enjoy.  Puffer wanted to get in on the action as well:

How do they taste?  At the risk of knowing how awkward pictures of others eating can be, I took a picture of Laurel mid-bite in order to capture the unbridled happiness that is present in her face.

You can see the result.

With that, and one last gaze towards the lighted Sukkiennice, Laurel departed Rynek Główny for the final time.  However, I think she's definitely in the contest for "coolest summer vacation" this year.

And now, here are some miscellaneous video files from random points that should have been posted but haven't been.

An accordion trio in front of St. Mary's Basilica:

Two videos from our carriage ride through the old town:


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