Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Polish Folk Art Festival

Over the past few days, another festival has sprung out of the ground here in the Krakow city center.  It's in the main square this time, and after a little digging I found out that it's a festival of folk art.  Basically, it's a giant flea market of Polish goods.  There are all sorts of vendors, some selling cheap souvenir junk and others selling real handmade stuff.  There's even a blacksmith offering to put your name on your own lucky horseshoe!

One of the things I love about these festivals is that they have a very similar type of grill going at basically all of them.  Kielbasa, pork steak, shish kebabs (made entirely of pork cuts, bacon, and onion), pork tips, along with grilled vegetables, bigos, and sauteed mushrooms.  They provide a great way to get meat pretty much on demand, and with few side items if you don't want them.  Just imagine, especially you guys out there, being able to walk 5 minutes from your current place of residence and for under $4 USD get a stick of bacon, pork tips, and grilled onion.

Here's a picture of the general festival atmosphere from tonight:

 I'll do more exploring of this festival this weekend, as it runs through Sunday.


polandbymail said...

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