Friday, August 3, 2012


I need to start today's post by telling the fun things I did with Sarah yesterday.  Sarah was cool to meet and hang out with, but our initial meeting was a comedy of errors.  First, she sent me a Facebook message that she would have to push back our meeting time, and I didn't check Facebook.  Then, I realized I had failed to copy her number into my phone.  After we had arranged a new time, we each went to different statues in Rynek Glowny. 

When we finally found each other, we were hungry!  Sarah showed me a secluded Polish cafe that seemed like walking into an old cottage kitchen.  You have to go through a courtyard and down a flight of steps into a darkish, wood room:

Sarah helped me order my food.  Later, we went back to Rynek Glowny and enjoyed coffee and chai on the square.  I realized how nice it is to have another person who is truly fluent in English to talk to and who can understand and appreciate everything you say.

Today I didn't get to do as much exploring as I would have liked because it started to rain about 4:30 and then started thunderstorming.  In fact, Andy needed me to meet him at the mall to bring him an umbrella.  It might or might not do him any good; the storm has turned the plazas into lakes and the stairs into waterfalls!  Let's just say my feet got wet on the way here.  Our prospects for going out for dinner and the language club are looking grim.

I did see the archaeological museum today.  It had some surprising artifacts, like Egyptian mummies and Peruvian pottery.  The part that I really wanted to see was the history of the settlement of Krakow from the time of the first cavemen.  It was all interesting, but not super remarkable.  The weirdest part was that each time I finished an exhibition hall, there was a museum employee ready to herd me to the next one.  It was helpful at times to know where I was supposed to go, but it also felt like they were stalking me a bit.

 Later tonight, we did get to go out to the language club because the rain had stopped.  I got to meet some new diverse and vibrant people, as well as reacquaint myself with others.


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